Multiple motion detector devices - pan cam to record


I’m looking for some type of motion detector devices that would allow me to connect multiple doors but only record on one device that is out of the field of vision.

The camera itself would not suffice as the motion detector as I would like three exits to alert the camera in a lobby to begin recording for several minutes and ideally push me a notification on my phone that motion was detected.

Has anyone seen of such an item?

Thank you!


The new Wyze Sense works well for this. Each kit comes with a tiny motion sensor and two contact sensors. I set my motion sensor on the edge of my home entry door in the garage. That way traffic from the yard to garage, main garage door or house to garage gets sensed.
The neat thing is I have a Cam in the garage in a non-obvious spot and one in the living room. Both get recording when the motion sensor is triggered. Get them coming and going!

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