Multiple locks, one control

So here is my dilemma: The entry to my house uses a security door as well as a standard steel external door. That adds up to a total of 4 locks–2 deadbolts and 2 doorknob locks. So choosing not to use the doorknob locks narrows it down to 2 deadbolts. If I put on the Wyze lock deadbolt I would have to allow my entry to the house to depend on 1 single lock, thus rendering one or the other doors ineffectual as a deterrent.

So my wish list item is for Wyze to add multiple lock capability. Two or more locks that actuate simultaneously on the same lock/unlock instruction. It sounds relatively easy since the multiple locks would act on the same wireless signal. I suppose the complexity comes in when information is passed back to the gateway, such as when a door is left ajar.

Anyway, that would solve a major issue for users with multiple doors…or I could just move somewhere that a security door isn’t needed.