Multiple iPhones/iOS devices, missing notifications and other bugs

I seem to be running into a lot of issues that can be traced to the fact that I’m logged in via two iPhones with the same account.

The bugs are, on only one of the phones at a time:

  • Missing push notifications
  • Push notifications that show up, but then are removed automatically (for example after a contact sensor closes, both the open and close alerts go away)
  • The profile screen shows my profile photo, but the nickname and email are missing. You cannot change them, etc – the screens are broken

If I log out of the devices, and only log into one of them, it seems to fix the issue.

Not sure how the APNS notifications are wired up, but there seems to be something wrong here with more than one iOS device logged in at one time.

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Yup, here too. I just switched to a new iPad and running that, the old one and my phone- notifications are everywhere wth no consistency. I may get a notification on 1 or 2 devices but nothing the 3rd. Sometimes just none. Somethings off in the iOS / sync to the wyze app.