Multiple event recording

I would like the ability to set event recording for different time periods. For example, I don’t want to record all day but let’s say I want to record between 11am and 1pm if an event is triggered (motion) and I also want to record between 11pm and 7am if an event is triggered. Some people suggested shortcuts but they don’t really accomplish this task.

Shortcuts can absolutely be used to accomplish this. You just need to set up a shortcut for each on or off time. In your example, you’ll set up a shortcut for on at 11am, one for off at 1pm, another for on at 11pm and one more for off at 7am.

For details on setting up shortcuts, click the Support link top right and enter “shortcut” in the search box.


Sorry doesn’t work that way. I need it to record video if motion is detected between certain times at night. Works great in Event Rdcording. But I need to do it for 2 different time periods.

I think he is asking for the ability to schedule local ‘event-only’ recording to the memory card, and at multiple times of day to boot.

Correct. Either to memory card or cloud. Shortcuts don’t seem to do the trick. What I need is the ability to set up multiple “Event Recordings”. The functionality is there, but you can’t specify more than one time period.

If you don’t want to use the camera in between those times, then you could try setting it up for event-only recording to SD card and schedule multiple scheduled shortcuts that turn the camera on and off.

Sorry for the late reply; was gone for a while.

To clarify:

Motion detection to the cloud: yes, you can use shortcuts to schedule multiple time periods for this by setting up a shortcut for each on/off event.

Event only recording to the SD card: No, not currently possible to schedule, even with shortcuts. You can hop over and vote for this #wishlist topic though: Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

As @Newshound has pointed out, you could also use shortcuts to turn the camera on and off which will in turn stop all recording.