Multiple devices offline

I’m having issues with several devices at multiple locations. Looking for help as to why I’m suddenly having problems.
I keep the Wyze app on my android updated as recommended. Firmware on devices is updated as recommended (usually first time it prompts me to.)
House 1 (Home)
-Several v3 cameras. 1 camera stopped working a couple weeks ago. Power cycle fixed it.
-Doorbell – no issues
-Thermostat – Device offline. Stopped working yesterday remotely. Physical control is fine

House 2 (Rental, Several states away)
-Doorbell – Still works fine, no issues
-Lock – Lost connection last week. Power cycled the gateway. It worked fine for about a day, then stopped.

House 3 (Rental, Several states away). I’ve remotely power cycled the router several times, no effect. Have not tried the modem….
-Doorbell - Stopped working 7/17.
-Lock – no issues
-Two v3 Cameras – both went offline last week (I think on 7/17.) Power cycled both today and one of them now works intermittently. The working camera has poor connection. Just kidding, both are offline again.
-Thermostat – no issues.
-Alarm System – no issues.

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Try to replace the power supply. I used my cell charger and it works.