Multiple Cameras Scaling

So I have a WYZE Cam V2. It works well but to get it to work on my PC, I used an Android emulator called NOX player. It works pretty well and I can make the app scale up to fill my monitor screen which makes it much easier to view.

However, I want to add a second WYZE camera, and that is where I run into trouble. A smart phone app can only look at one camera at a time. Typical security camera software from other makers will let you view many at once in separate windows. I can only run one instance of an Android emulator at a time, so I cannot really watch more than one WYZE camera at a time. So this really doesn’t scale well at all. For one camera it is great and inexpensive, but for more than one camera it’s just not a workable solution for me.

I also have an IP Camera that I use that works fine with other IP Camera software. I have seen people comment on using TinyCam software, but I cannot get it to discover my Wyze camera. It scans 172 ip address range, but I know the IP of my camera from the DHCP address and it is in the 10 address range. TinyCam won’t let me manually enter the IP either.

Create a “Group” and add the two cams

view many at once in separate windows

@amarsingh.tom Welcome to the community! See this support article to group your cams. You can view up to 4 cams on each screen through the Wyze app.