Multi screen crashing with app v2.6.42 & V2 FW - Anyone else?

I’m getting fairly frequent crashes to home screen on 2.6.42 Android when watching groups of 4 cams running FW This is on both a Samsung J3/16GB/A7 AND my brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab A/128GB/A9.

I thought this was a production version and I’m seeing a much higher rate of crashes than I’ve experienced since I joined Beta.

I’m stuck on FW for my V2’s due to video lag on my J3 with the latest FW.

I have 4 cameras and have not had any crashes, yet. FW and 2.6.42. Maybe reinstall? Also, Samsung Note 9.

Are you watching them in Multiscreen?

Yes. All cameras on one screen. Live.

FWIW… I’m also monitoring (liveview in landscape orientation) a group of 4 cams on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) 128GB using the Wyze app v2.6.42, but my cams are running FW v4.9.5.36. This monitor runs 24/7 and has experienced no crashes.

Running Android 9 on Galaxy S9 with Wyze app 2.6.42 monitoring six pans and one V2. I have streamed multi cam view in both portrait and landscape for hours. Sometimes switching to a single cam, then back to multi. Swiping to view different cams in the group. Never a glitch.

Very useful when a scene event triggers multiple cams.

Thank you WyzeTeam for this great feature!

Thanks Wyzer’s. Probably is the old FW :frowning:
I’d probably put all the cams on the most recent FW if it wasn’t for the lag.

Might work. I am all updated on my cams and cam pans and the app and my delay is about .3 seconds. Mentioning this for reference as you improve your system.