Multi-Display gadget or digital dashboard

This is the closest item I found that describes what I am looking for as well. Now that Wyze has quite an ecosystem of devices including cameras, bulbs, sensors, locks, and soon doorbell and thermostat – a multi-display dashboard app that could view or control many of these items at once would be incredibily useful and powerful. It would also tie the whole ecosystem together in a powerful interface.

This would be a replacement for things like ActionTiles or OpenHAB (but only for Wyze products), and get more buy-in into the Wyze ecosystem.

Some use cases:
(1) Have a wall-mounted a tablet near the door that shows in a single view: (a) the front door Wyze camera with 2-way audio, (b) can lock/unlock Wyze lock, and ( c) turns on/off the porch Wyze bulb.
(2) You have the Wyze app installed on a tablet and the dashboard described above pops up when someone rings the Wyze doorbell
(3) Have a phone or tablet display showing multiple cameras that cycle through your front/back/side/garage cameras, along with widgets to toggle the light grouped with the displayed camera, or set them to auto based on motion detection or Wyze sensor
(4) Replace a light switch with a wall-mounted phone or tablet in a room that can control the camera and each individual light bulb in the room.

Update: found a closer item and put this comment there: More devices displayed on one screen (tiled view) - #15 by wyzoCam

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