Multi camera grid viewing

The Cams work very well but would make it a better system if we could view 4 or more cams on the screen. (on a laptop would be even better) A nice bonus would be if the Cam that alerts expanded. Alternately, another idea would be for the app to have a Cam scan setting that showed each location for a set time - again expanding on an alert. Just wishing… BTW, I would be happy to pay for an app upgrade with this feature!

No need to pay for an app upgrade. You can already view four cameras at the same time. Hint: put them in a group and turn your phone to landscape. Check out the guides in the Support link, top right, for details on grouping.

To vote on the ability to view on a laptop, hop over to this topic and click the VOTE button at the top: View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook).

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