Mult problems with Cameras


Notifications stopped for all three cameras though they still recorded events. Now I can’t connect to my cameras away from home. Please help me turn my paperweights back into working cameras.



You are more likely to get useful answers if you specify what app platform and version and camera model and firmware you are using.

I am using Android app version 1.3.107 (Beta) and can remotely connect to my v1 cameras running firmware Since my v2 cameras are local to where I am, I can’t easily check remote accessibility right now.


From what you have mentioned you seem to be experiencing two separate issues. The notification issue is one we are aware of and working on, a fix should be out soon.

The other issue may be related to your WiFi network and I would say the best way to figure that out would be to reach out to so a tech can assist you. Thanks!

To test if you can access a camera from a “remote” location while you are at the same location as the camera, you should be able to turn off wifi on your phone and try to access the camera over the cellular data connection. That’s as good as being in Timbuktu as far as testing for remote access.

I tested that I could access both the v1 (now running cameras and my v2 cameras with firmware from my work’s wifi. My house is in a cell dead zone, and although I can get a data connection sometimes, I didn’t want a poor connection to interfere with the test. These tests were done from a Nexus 5x Android 8.1.0 and Wyze Android App 1.3.107(Beta).