Moving WCO Base to a Wifi Extender?

I needed to get a Wifi extender so I can move the base closer to the WCO.

Stupid question:
Wondering if there is anything special that needs done to move the Base to the wifi extender?
I seem to remember during setup needing my phone to be on the same wifi network as the base.

If my main SSID is “XYZ”, and I connect the base to the extender that is broadcasting “XYZ_ext”, will the existing setup work? Or will I need to reset the WCO and the base?

I would just give it try, but I am unable to at this exact moment. Just wondering if it’s as simple as plugging it in to the extender.

Thank you!

You need a Wifi bridge. Some extenders and routers can be configured as bridges.
The bridge connects to your router using 2.4 Ghz Wifi and to the WCO base using Ethernet. The SSID is whatever your main router 2.4 Ghz band is set to.

This is the product that I purchased:

It includes an Ethernet port, so I assumed it would work for what I wanted. I do have the option to change the SSID to match my main SSID.

From the TP-Link web site it looks like it can only be used as an Extender or an Access Point.
As an Extender it picks up an existing Wifi signal and extends it to another area. The Ethernet port isn’t used.
As an Access Point you connect to an existing router throung the Ethernet port and create a new Wifi network.
Neither of these functions will allow you to connect an Etjhernet only device to a Wifi network.

This router has Bridge mode. Fairly inexpensive too.

Appreciate the assistance!
The product box for the item that I have now does state the following:
“Connects a wired device to your Wi-Fi network”

I will update if I get it all working.

Thanks again!

Thanks it worked for me, so to the newer post ? I got the one recommended in this post. Good luck

Got it all setup using the WiFi extender that I originally mentioned, and the setup seems to be working great! Great signal from the base to cam. Much better video quality, and i am getting notifications significantly faster now!

Perfect. I couldn’t find a manual just a youtube video.
Happy it worked for you.

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I appreciate the help!!! Thank you!!!