Moving the camera

I set up my camera sitting in a temporary spot when I first got it as I was short on time. The quality was amazing. Today, I got the magnetic circle secured where I want it to be. It’s basically the same spot but a little higher now. I had to unplug it from the power to move the placement of the cord. I plugged it in and it connected back to the WiFi right away. However, the quality is not as good as it was before I unplugged it. Any tips?

That’s one reason I only use wifi when I can’t use a wired connection. Sometimes moving a device a short distance or changing the orientation (which can affect the effective gain of the antenna) can change the signal quality enough to affect performance. It is also possible that the metal mounting plate is also affecting the signal. Or something “a little higher” is blocking or reflecting the wifi signal.

That’s one reason I used this kludge when I installed in the garage. I didn’t want to mount anything permanently until I knew it would work.


The problem seems to have corrected itself! :slight_smile: I think it was our internet. Very happy with this camera! I will be buying more for several places in my home.

Same here. Had it in a temporary spot, moved it, plugged it back in. Took forever to load a picture, now it’s terrible quality and there are areas of a magenta color all over the picture. It was awesome in the kitchen. Wifi signal is 90% same as before. It’s in the same room. What the heck.