Moves by itself

Why does the pan camera move on its own at the same time everyday?

Power interruption, brownout, faulty camera, etc. These pans have a mind of their own. Bought a couple and then no more. Will never buy another one. Too many issues. The $20 cubes work fine for most folks.

How do you know? Witness it? See it in an Event?
(I ask because mine is inaccessible (in hayloft in barn) and have not seen an event where the view is different)

I have seen it move on it’s own a couple of times. Not sure why but usually in the evening. I finally just unplugged the pan-cam. It was making my family nervous.

That’s creepy …

Maybe related to this …

< Packets going to something called "Omegle" - Pedophile ring? >

I’ve heard and seen mine do it. It happens at the top of the same hour (I believe 9pm EST for me) in the evening, daily. It appears to be a hardware check. It rotates both directions and sets back at the original orientation. Can you recall or confirm similar results/times?

Yes sir. That’s exactly what it does. I think the time is right. Because it pan’s, I was thinking it was panning the room to kind of reset, but what you said makes sense also.

Has yours ever made a noise? Squawk? Or something similar?