Move my products order In home page of android app

I have bought multiple products over the years and have added them to my app. Now I have the sprinkler control in the middle of 2 cameras and light groupings between others.

Can the app be coded to give me the ability to move around the products or groupings to where I want them on the home page of the android app?

I want to put all my light groupings in order and things like my sprinkler at the bottom because I use that less on my home page.

Almost like Giving me the ability to move a player up in a fantasy league app from the bench to a position in a hold and drag

Thanks, hope that makes sense

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Welcome to the Forum Community, @hikingla741
The App already has the ability to do what you are asking, if I understand you correctly.
Steps from the Home screen of the App are:
Tap Pencil Icon (Upper Right corner)/Edit Devices (from popup at bottom of screen).
Then Press and hold the double bars on the right of the Device or Group you want to move. Then slide the item up or down until it is where you want it to appear on your Home screen. When you have things where you want them, tap Done in the upper right corner of the screen.


Perfect that is exactly what I wanted to do. Thank you @tomp

You are welcome! Glad it was what you needed!
There are a great many people on this Forum who have a lot of knowledge and are happy to share it.
Feel free to post any questions!