Mounting Sensor

Can the v2 entry sensor be mounted with the magnetic half turned on its side or the top facing the transmitter? Also how far apart can they be before it starts missing the magnetic field?

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Can you take a picture of a drawing of what you are describing? Also, assuming this looks like a sideways T or L, are you asking how far apart can they get when they are in that odd configuration, or normally?

Wouldn’t hurt to show a picture of where you want to put this, as there may be recommendations on how to install normally too. :slight_smile:


The sensor transmitter and the magnet base have a indentation on one side that I assume are supposed to face each other or line up to get the best contact. Can the magnet base be mounted with the indentation facing away from the transmitter? I am calling the part that houses the battery the transmitter. Part 2 of my question how close do the two have to be to assure good contact with each other?

Ya know, the receiving side of the sensor that closes the circuit (so to speak) is simply a magnet. You don’t need to use the one that comes with the Sensor side. You can find a magnet round, long strip, or such on Amazon and mount it with double sided tape or even Velcro - to remove it as needed.


you can mount the sensor as shown and the magnet on its side or adhesive towards your table.

Basically, as long as the magnet is close enough to the correct side of the Contact Sensor, you should be ok. you can test it first before mounting it.


I see your pieces are still unmounted. That means you can test what separations it can stand by simply moving them apart and listening for the alert from Wyze that something has changed. Even if you wanted to rotate one of the pieces by 90 degrees (which is what I originally thought you wanted to do, lol), you can test it.

You should be able to get away with a reasonable amount of separation, and like @Sam_Bam said, the small piece is simply a magnet. That means you can substitute it with a small but powerful magnet if you wish. Again, you have the ability to test how well that works.


You can easily test various mounting options (distance, orientation, etc.) using the red status LED as your guide prior to mounting. Pull the blue plastic strip out of the transmitter so the battery makes contact internally. When transmitter is in proximity of the magnet, the red LED on the transmitter will be off (closed state). When the transmitter and magnet are too far away, the red LED will be on (open state).