Mounting motion sensirs

  1. It isn’t obvious from the included instructions, but the security system’s motion sensors seem to have a fairly narrow angle of view. They’re able to see a fair distance – one at each end does a good job of covering my 40’ central corridor – but if mounted at the recommended 7’ height it’s quite possible to walk along the wall just under them without setting them off. In some situations you may want another looking back or across to cover that.

  2. That same narrow view may make covering small spaces tricky. I have an upstairs landing that’s only about 4’x8’, and I wanted to watch two of the entries to it. Mounting the sensor flat, I couldn’t get that coverage. But if you look closely, you’ll see that the sensor is also designed with screw holes for mounting it into a corner, and that did let me watch both doorways . If you’re mounting with adhesive you will need to apply your own double-stich tape for this orientation.

  3. It’s very helpful, when testing your setup, to start with a more removable adhesive than the one supplied. Get them where you want them, then affix more solidly. Suggestion to Wyze: consider shipping with both temporary and permanent stickum?

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Great tips, if you want to suggest coming with 2 adhesives, post in the #wishlist please!

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My sensors came with adhesive already mounted on the corner bevels of the sensors to mount it this way. Granted, the adhesive is crap and they hit the floor within a couple weeks, but 3M ultra adhesive fixed that real quick.

Ref: your #1 about the angle/distance and can walk under it without triggering it. That’s by design, not accident. Their intent was to not pickup the movement of pets. So, knowing this, you can install the sensor upside down and change the degree it “sees”.

I encourage you to look at 3M Command Strips. Sort of like velcro. Allows you to adjust location and remove when you need to change the battery of the sensor. Handy strips and cut to needed length. I’ve also used velcro.

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The “pet” mode is mounting it upside down.


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Reviving an old thread here. I see the advice where it’s possible to mount the motion sensor upside down. Silly question, but how? It doesn’t hold in place on the provided mount upside down. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you post a picture of this “mount”? The motion sensor should just have the sticky tape on the back.