Motor boating from the Wyze hub

I have the Wyze hub in a room where there is a PC near it. Every time we are on Skype, the party on the other side says that they can hear a sound like a motor boat. This is after I installed the Wyze system. It happens on a desktop as well as on a laptop. If we move to any other room with the laptop, the sound is not there. Has anyone noticed anything like this?


I am not experiencing this. I have my Wyze Hub sitting about 2 feet from my laptops (PC, Mac, and Chromebook). No issue at all with it being near these devices.

Are you connected via WiFi or Ethernet on the hub? I am connected via ethernet and it switches to WiFi when power goes out.


Are you sure it’s the hub and not some other electronic equipment causing intereference? Many times, certain lighting fixtures can also cause this. You can test this by placing the hub on WiFi if it isn’t already, unplugging it and letting the battery backup kick in, and moving it to another room. If the intereference follows the hub into the next room, then it is the guilty offender. If not, something else is to blame.

Are you using WiFi and /or Bluetooth on the computer?

Thank for the responses. Both computers are on WiFi. The Wyze hub is hard-wired as well as on Wifi as it is near the WiFi router. There has been no changes to any equipment in this particular room except placing the Wyze hub there. The only thing I have to check now is moving the Wyze hub out of that room when on a Skype call and observe the outcome. I will check that and post later.