Motion Tagging and tracking

so I just got my cam pan delivered and I set it up, updated the firmware, and the motion tagging and tracking don’t work at all. I’ve toggled if off and on and reset the device with no luck. any help?

FYI - there is another thread on this - Cam Pan Motion detection Not Working

No solutions (yet) - but a number of people ( including me ) seem to be having the same issue.

I have a similar issue. Enabled Motion tracking and tagging. I see the green rectangle while veiwing the camera in the app and also the camera is turning physically as i move but i do not see any events in Notifications tab? Do i need to install the SD card? Appreciate if someone can help. thanks

So mine just randomly started working. Don’t know how or why, but I was at work and got a notification that it detected motion and now it works perfect.

Mine as well… strange… . Since nobody changed firmware - seems like it might have been an issue with the cloud services Wyze is providing and maybe they changed that.