Motion sensors blinks 5 times and doesn't connect

I never saw your response until now. Silly me. You are lying. NO ONE has been able to recover a 5-blink sense device. It is a firmware corruption. what you are claiming is either a lie or a misunderstanding of what people are saying. I vote the last because your posts have pointed to the fact that you are talking about one thing while everyone else is talking about another.

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Wait, in October, you claimed that you had recovered multiple 5-blink devices. I see, you don’t want to admit that you were wrong and that you were having a different conversation.

Just so everyone understands. This is NOT a warranty issue. Wyze is selling products with a known defect. They must replace all devices that suffer from the 5-blink error. Don’t let them claim otherwise. They have known about this error for a long time. Even if your device is outside of any warranty period, Wyze is on the hook to replace any device that is bricked due to their shoddy firmware. They have another option though, they can fix the problem (it is likely that the replacements will have the same flaw).

I think your use of the word LIAR is a little bit overboard and offensive. I haven’t lived this long without making a few mistakes but when I tell you I have un-bricked a couple of sensors that were blinking five times I’m not lying

I’m not selling a [Mod Edit] story here I did it and I don’t know if it was a fluke but what I do know is that things happen within the Wyze environment that are at times unexplainable Or at the very least unexplained.

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Oh my. Now not only have you miraculously fixed a bricked sensor, it’s a ghost fix. You can’t explain how you did it, but just that you have. You likely can’t replicate the fix, or you would have listed it as a true solution. You then go on to say:

How can that be. No solutions work or that you have successfully unbricked something. Both cannot be true.

Also, let’s be clear, I did not call you a liar. I said that you were lying. While the difference may escape you, there is a difference. A liar is one who lies. By lying in a given instance, you are not necessarily a liar. The pattern of perpetual lying has not (yet) been established. Would you like to provide more evidence?

To say that I was lying is to imply that I am a liar it does not however imply that I am a consistent liar or a compulsive liar. As I posted on this forum a number of times it’s quite possible, but my recollection may be in error, and I have on occasion made statements that ended up being not true but I thought they were true based on the information that I had available at the time that I made the post.

I have no desire to continue the conversation, you said what was on your mind and I’ve said what is on mine and I don’t think there is anything to be gained by continuing down this path… Happy holidays!

This worked for me as well. Thank you themdg!

That’s really great to hear, wonder why Wyze didn’t suggest that ???, maybe would affect future replacement sales :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good question! :wink:

Doesn’t work for the one sensor I’ve managed to brick by leaving it outside in a protected shed for 6 months after the battery died. That one gives me 2 blinks when I power it on and 5 blinks when I press and hold the reset button.

Thank you. it work for me, make sure you battery is full.

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Just to confirm, so there is no more confusion for folks who may stumble upon this thread looking for solution is IF they see 2 blinks when inserting battery and 5 blinks when trying to pair, one can assume these are bricked and need to be tossed away? Is that correct? Is Wyze still replacing these? Almost all of my contact sensors are doing this. Seems like a big waste of money.

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When I called customer service, I was told that Wyze no longer carries this version of contact sensor anymore, so I should just throw them away when they inevitably fail.

Not the best experience, to be honest.


Same. I have 2 sensors doing the 2 blinks when battery inserted and 5 blinks when the reset button is pressed. Wyze chat offered me a credit for the failed sensors but that doesn’t add up to what the cost of an equivalent component now costs. Wyze now sells 3 packs of door sensors what requires a hub which is an additional cost added item. It is still unclear if I need to subscribe to a service for the hub to send me alerts and trigger my cameras to record. I had to go back to the live chat a second time and get a credit to receive a hub at no cost since I lost all functionality of what my original Wyze sense v1 system allowed me to do.

To sum it up, I bought the sense kit for $20 that triggered my cameras to record that no longer works…and I have to purchase at least $60 of equipment to accomplish the same task… and its still unclear if I need an subscription for these devices to work. At this time I am very disappointed in this system, it was supposed to be a low cost alternative to home monitoring and now it appears Wyze doesn’t want to lose revenue so they are reverting to subscription based services…

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You may have to buy the subscription to get the equipment at the moment, but you don’t need it to use the sensors. I never activated my HMS subscription, and the new sensors have been busy triggering lights and stuff for months.

Are you saying, if I buy motion sensor I can set it up and use without buying the home monitoring kit and signing for HMS?

No. I’m saying that you don’t need an active subscription to HMS in order to use the hardware. To use the new sensors (motion, contact, leak), you’ll need the V2 Sense hub as well which is part of the hardware starter kit.

Right now, there only way to get the equipment is to buy a bundle that includes an HMS subscription.

I did that, got the equipment, setup the equipment, and never activated the subscription.


Do I dare say it? I was able to get a 2 blink on battery insert 5 blink when holding reset button to recover and function. I had two sensors that have the exact same problem. They had been sitting without a battery for a long time, as in 3+ months. I put a new battery in both and tried the above mentioned method. It failed on both. I then removed the new batteries from both and went through the process above. while swapping the new batteries. Inserted battery from bad1 into bad2 while holding reset…it blinked twice then I let go of reset. I started the bridge paring process yet again, pushed reset until it the contact sensor started to blink…WHAT!!!..only 3 blinks? boom setup complete.

I only have the two new batteries. I’m going to pickup some more and try again with this last contact sensor that continues to blink twice with a battery and then 5 times when the reset button is pressed.

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Nice! I had one come back from the dead like that too! Wish the rest did, but they lasted long enough.

This technique worked for me. My motion sensor stopped working in December 2021. I tried several fixes unsuccessfully. This one worked immediately. Before you do it, make sure your bridge is working (blue light) and your camera is verbally saying it is ready to pair.

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