Motion sensor

I have the motion sensor set up through IFTTT to activate a Lutron switch which turns the garage light on. The problem is, that within seconds the motion detector turns the light off as I walk around my car. How could I set this to not turn off unless motion is clear for say… ten minutes?

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You say you have IFTTT set to activate the switch but what do you have set to deactivate the switch

Yes, when motion is detected it turns the switch on, when motion is clear it turns the switch off, both through IFTTT, to a Lutron plug. It clears rather easily and the light will go out within 60 seconds. I’d like motion to be clear for about ten minutes before it will turn off.

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This is sorely needed. The light in my workshop goes out when I stand still. Thus far the only workaround, and it is not a good one, is to turn on automatically and off manually.