Motion Sensor V2 with Home Monitoring Useless

I’ve had no issue or false positives with the v2 motion until yesterday. Not sure what changed, but I agree it’s annoying.

I have 2 Wyze Sense V2 motion sensors connect to my Home Monitoring system. The one that came with the Code Started Kit works just fine. But the add on sensor I purchased separately gives false motion alerts every 13 seconds like clockwork.

I deleted the sensor, and then re-added with no luck. Same issue. I moved it to 3 different locations away from all other sensors, same issue. I took it down and placed it in a drawer by itself, same issue.

I have submitted logs to Wyze but not a peep from them. Just wondering if you ever had any luck solving the issue.

I have submitted logs to Wyze but not a peep from them. Just wondering if you ever had any luck solving the issue.

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Sure you can do that, but don’t expect a response. Lol

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Not a single one in 2 years and hundreds of logs.

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Did you try removing and reinstalling batteries?

Yup… no luck.

Except for putting it in the driveway and running over it, I’ve done everything I know to do to try to get it to work right, instead of the plastic piece of crap it is.

I love Wyze and have pushed it on several of my friends and family. But I’m afraid if they don’t stop putting out POS stuff, people will sour on them, even big fans like me. I’m not bashing them, like I said I’m a big fan, just don’t want to see them crash and burn.

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Sure hope your sensor is a one-off. I just ordered three motion sensors for my system. Guess I’ll see if they’re all lemons.

Quick update…

After speaking with support, who I will add was fantastic, I finally figured out what was causing the issue with the Wyze Sense v2 motion sensor giving false alerts.

I deleted and re-added the sensor, which I had done 2 or 3 times before, but this time, I added it within the Home Monitoring tab, in the Home/Away section, instead of from the main “Home page” of the app. The sensor now seems to be working as it should.

Hope this helps others having the same issue.


Interesting. What this something support specifically recommended?

I had a similar issue recently where one of my V2 Motion sensors started give false alerts. I stuck it inside a drawer for a couple days and it stopped giving false reports. I then removed it and added it back and it has been fine since. I don’t recall if I added it from the main app screen or from withing the HMS section.

Yes support recommended it.

I had been experiencing the same issue. Motion sensor was setup and would report movement when I was in the basement office, no one upstairs or while away it would still report movement. I could not reliably use the Away alarm at all.

I removed and re-added but from within the Monitoring part as @mbrindle suggested. I left he house yesterday, didn’t set the alarm but I had the default setup for the app to notify on every movement detected. While away for a few hours I didn’t get any notifications.

I’ll continue to test and monitor but I believe my issue is resolved.

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I have this exact same problem. I’ll try deleting it and re-adding it within the home monitoring service tab. But I don’t understand why it should make a difference. For example, I have the V2 door sensors connected to the hub, but outside of the home monitoring service tab, and they seem to be working fine. Can somebody please explain the difference between adding a V2 sensor on the homepage versus the home monitoring service tab? I just recently set everything up, and added it to the homepage, with the intention of eventually looking into the home monitoring service. But I wasn’t ready to do that yet. Thanks.

I should note that my issues with one of the sensors resumed after a while. Repeated all the steps again to “reset” it and it again started false positives. Eventually, support sent a replacement, which I have yet to install.

This is EXACTLY what’s happening to 2 of my sensors and Noonlight has called me now twice. I first thought it was my curtains in my front office moving from the heat vent but I looked and it’s every 13 minutes my motion sensor goes off.

I will delete the 2 sensors and add them through HMS system and check to see if it fixes it. I’ve only had HMS since early December and these sort of glitches scare me.

I’m it fixes it for these 2 sensors but I have 5 others in my house that I feel like is only a matter of time now.

I also feel like I need to keep my phone with me at all times due to this glitch to ensure I don’t miss a call from Noonlight and the cops show up at my house. That’s a lot of stress I don’t need from a system that’s suppose to keep your mind at ease. Maybe this wasn’t the best replacement to Nest Secure, maybe I’ll look at Ring or Simplisafe if this happens again, cut my losses and toss this out.

If your motion sensor is near a door sensor it can create this situation. Try moving the motion sensor further away from any door sensors you may have.

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Thanks for the reply, none of them are within at least 6 ft of an Entry sensor. I did delete both Motion sensors and readded them via the HMS processes vs the general + icon on the main screen and so far that has reset them without having the 13 min motion sensor alert.

Thankfully renaming the motion sensors the same name, I didn’t lose any Rules and thus didn’t have to reset any of those up. I did have to readd those Motion sensors to my Away mode, which was expected.

Hopefully this fixes them in the short term, I have a year with Noonlight, depending on how the next 10 months go, maybe I’ll stay or maybe I’ll switch, again. :person_shrugging:

The app doesn’t seem to care about names. It uses some other identifier (mac?) for the sensors.

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I am confused. How do you add the sensors from the HMS menu? The only place I see in the app where you can add a device is from the Home/Main page.

Never mind… I found it :slight_smile: