Motion sensor false alarm

Great! Glad it worked. If you do need to get notifications from sensors, you still have the option to automate notifications on\of by use of a Rule.

After going through a number of defective motion sensors (false triggering when absolutely NO motion was present), I finally settled on one detector that works! I now know what causes false positives on my sole motion detector–SUNLIGHT!! The last time I experienced a false trigger was when I was at a funeral yesterday afternoon–I felt two sets of cell phone buzzing, and looking at my phone I saw the calls were coming from Noonlight–YIKES!! Answering and whispering to the agent, I quickly moved to the back of the room and whispered it probably was a false alarm, to cancel it, and I would look at all my cams to confirm everything was okay (and it was!). When I got home I looked at the recorded footage of my great room at the time where the alarm triggered, and lo and behold I observed that rays of sunshine had moved across my fireplace mantle and struck the motion detector sensor, which triggered the alarm! So caveat emptor, these Wyze motion sensors will trigger when hit with direct light. I now recall that this happened about a year ago when we were out of town. It ONLY happens to us during the part of the year when the sun is low in the southwest quadrant (and when we even get sunlight, in short supply in northern Ohio during this period). I now have moved the sensor so that it still faces into the great room but no direct sunlight can ever hit it. Has anyone else experienced sunlight (or other light) triggering your motion sensors?

I found that the change in room lighting caused by the sun going behind a cloud or the brief flash of headlights from a car in the driveway caused the motion detectors to alarm. Reducing the sensitivity to “medium” generally solved the problem. Because the WYZE system seems to pose a greater risk of my getting fined for false alarms than my house actually getting broken into, I leave the system in “test” mode and will call 911 myself after reviewing the interior cameras. The WYZE system seems to be not quite ready for prime time, particularly as the motion detectors belonging to my 20 year old system functioned perfectly by detecting only valid motion.

I totally agree in keeping the system in Test Mode to prevent invalid alarm notifications to Noonlight. My motion detectors were going crazy with a motion every few minutes. I changed the batteries and deleted the sensors and then reinstalled them. This seemed to stop most of the alarms but soon after it did do another alarm notification to Noonlight. At least this time I was available to receive their call and stopped a police response. My system has now been in Test mode for the last few weeks. I’m afraid now to return it to an active mode, as I’m in and out of cell coverage to receive a call from Noonlight to stop a police response. This system is just not ready for prime time and needs a firmware update or hardware replacement to ensure 100% reliability. I had been an advocate for Wyze products, as I have almost all of their products. But now I cannot endorse their security systems or their cameras that also have major glitches. This is too bad as I had high hopes for Wyze.

I chose to remove the motion from the alarm and only do entrances, wish I had glass break.

My motion sensor sensitivity is set to LOW…and YES, I have notified Wyze about this issue and asked if they could work on the algorithm, but as you can see my request has fallen upon deaf ears! Hopefully, moving the sensor to a better area will resolve the issue! I do agree, though, that at times when I am out of cell phone range (such as when on a plane) I first should pop my system into TEST MODE!!

Glass break sensors would be a great addition to a comprehensive alarm system. I live in a rural area with no close neighbors. Breaking a window to gain entry would be a sensible method for a burglar and no one would hear it. Come on Wyze develop a glass break sensor, like other quality alarm systems have.

I do not have any sensors that have been falsely activating due to sunlight or lighting changes. I have one sensor that fell off the wall shortly after install and it is highly sensitive so it is now used only for automations. I have tested three others (new) in my garage and have determined that the Wyze Motion Sensors DO NOT like cold weather. Constant false alarms when below freezing. All of my original motion sensors are still on their original batteries almost 2 years later with not a single false alarm out of any of them.