Motion Sensor and sensor plug poor reliability

I have several motion sensors, sensor plugs, and Wyze Cams around our home. I have most of my motion sensors set up to turn on lights when someone is near. For instance, walk into the laundry room, the light comes on… Most of the time.

But I am constantly having to reboot my Cams that have sensor plugs because the action doesn’t trigger. Sometimes I have to remove the plug, reboot the cam, then plug the sensor plug back in.

This happens on all cams that have sensor plugs. When the action doesn’t trigger, I still see the red light come on in the specific sensor, so I know the motion sensor works (plus the fact that it’s the camera that I have to reboot).

I accept this due to the low cost of the hardware. But I don’t see myself buying any more if they do not address this issue.

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The bridges (what you are calling sensor plugs) have been reported to heat up the Wyzecams (particularly the Pan versions) too much. People report better stability by using a short USB extension cable instead of plugging the bridges directly into the camera. Not excusing the bad behavior; just a suggestion.

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Yes, bridges. The name has escaped me at the time I were that.

And thank you! I will try that. I’m not here that often and had not heard about that. I did search for sensor issues, but I did not find that.

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Nope, I tried that with both bridges. Did not fix the issue.
There is another, longer thread on this, with a suggestion that it may be due to the last firmware. I’m going to try rolling back.