Motion sensor and Rain

I have a motion sensor set up next to my front door (outside) and a v2 Cam behind the window on the other side of the door. Both the camera and motion sensor point at the same entryway area outside - this was a way to get around the IR vs glass issue and have the camera record when the motion sensor trips.

This worked great until it started raining a couple days ago. The sensor is somewhat shielded by a gutter and overhang but not well. Also coinciding was my installation of generic motion sensing light bulbs in the walkway nearby.

Now the motion sensor trips all the time - once every ten minutes all day and all night. During rain and dry periods. I have reviewed a LOT of boring video.

Any other data points on whether this behavior follows rain intrusion into the motion sensor, or if it’s more likely to be interference from other PIR sensors like my light bulbs?

Have you checked what is triggering the camera based on the frame that shows up? I am dealing with rain drops running down the window. Sometimes it is as clouds cause the sun on the side of the building to come and go. At night almost any lights reflecting of of anything in view.

Yours sounds like standard camera pixel motion sensing, and not passive infrared sensing by a separate outdoor sense motion sensor.

For the OP, a motion sensor can trip if the rain is cold, for instance. But not every 10 minutes forever. I’ve never actually had one trip due to rain, and I have 2 sensors outdoors.

I get about 1 false trigger a day, and it is usually a bird or other animal. To get to that point I had to make sure the sensor did not have a view of the road in front of my house, the sun, or the kids and dog next door. To do that I used a large roof overhang to block the street and sun, and turned the sensor about 30 degrees away from my neighbor’s house.

Of course if rain penetrated the case, anything is possible.