Motion sensing issues

It seems I am missing quite a few motion events, especially when the motion event is right after a previous one.


Motion is sensed. It records a 15 sec video. If motion continues past 15 seconds, all following motion is lost/not uploaded.

I’m not sure what the timeframe is, but even if there is no motion for some short time period and then there is again, that repeat motion event isn’t recorded. I tested this myself and it seems at least a few minutes until a new motion alert/event is recorded.

It seems pointless to have motion alerts and recording if it only records a motion event as long as motion has ceased for some time period. Let’s consider a burglary issue - video of subject entering. Subject grabs something valuable and leaves quickly - perhaps 30 seconds, but since only the “entry” event was recorded there is no proof of subject leaving with an item that may be visible in the “exit” event.

Is something out of adjustment? Or a setting I can change?

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Motion alerts uploaded to the cloud are limited to 12-15 seconds of video once every 5 minutes per alert type. This limitation is necessary for Wyze to be able to provide the 14 day free cloud storage.

If you want capture of all motion, you can install a microSD card in the camera. This can be set to record motion for as long as it happens and keep that recording until the card becomes full. SD card recordings can be viewed remotely via the app or you can remove the card and transfer the video files to another device.

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Thanks RickO. That’s too bad. What if the camera is also stolen? There’d be no SD card to try and retrieve the data from.

This is my single biggest complaint. I know 14 days of FREE cloud storage is great marketing material, but I would be infinitely more happy with 3 days free cloud storage, 1 minute long clips and no cool down period. I can’t seriously consider this as a security device with needing local storage like this, because as you mentioned, what if the camera is stolen? I may get a 15 second clip of the first motion uploaded, but everything else is on the SD card in the camera they stole/destroyed.

Even adding a paid option would make me happy. I’d gladly pay $5-10 a month to be able to not have the cool down period and the limit of 15 second clip.

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I agree. I don’t know where the break even point would be for Wyze, but I’d like to see an option for shorter storage length in exchange for longer clips and shorter cool down period.

I will pass along your thoughts to the keeper of the feature request tracker.

Thanks RickO

I’d like to see an option for shorter storage length in exchange for longer clips and shorter cool down period.


I totally agree with the views expressed in this thread! The same question brought me to the forum today and I was excited to see the question had already been asked, but deflated to read there is no solution apart from recording the SD card. I am unable to mount the camera out-of-reach of most people and so it would be easy to rip off the mount and steal.

Only recording motion for 15 seconds is bad enough, but to wait 5 full minutes before another motion detection triggers the recording is FAR too long. Like others, I would happily pay a few dollars a month if the 5 minutes could be reduced to say 10 seconds. Even then you could easily miss someone leaving the scene quickly, but it would be far better than 5 minutes.

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This topic in #wishlist may interest you. You can VOTE for it at the top-left of the topic. :slight_smile:

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