Motion Notifications - can't read data

I receive notifications on my Samsung phone from both my motion and door detectors. The events are captured on my phone but the data is unreadable. The words Motion detected and the time information are on top/bottom of each other so the time of motion is unreadable. I turn my phone horizontal hoping that would spread out the information but the screen does not go horizontal. My door notifications are very clear because the Opened/Left Opened data in separate into two lines of data. Can I get the motion data to look that way, too?

Is it possible that you have set your Font Size on the phone to larger than the default setting? That’s usually when I encounter issues like this in various apps.

Thanks for your assistance. However, my font size is small. Is there a way to get the data on two lines like it does for my door sensor? Do you have any other suggestions?

Thomas Masotto

My Samsung phone runs Android 9, so yours may differ, but maybe also try this:

Settings → Lock Screen → Notifications (slider should already be ON - tap on the word Notifications) → View Style → set to “Detailed” and be sure “Hide Content” is slid off. Also set “Transparency” & “Auto-reverse text color” to what you can most easily read.

Then when you get a notification on the lock screen, swipe down directly on the notification to expand it.

On my phone, the text is still on one line but you can now read all of it, plus you see a tiny thumbnail image icon of the event.

(I don’t have any sensors, so can’t speak to how they would display)

Thanks again. My settings “notifications” is different . It does not give the View Style option. Unfortunately, I don’t know what Android version I have. I have a Samsung J7 if that means anything. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

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