Motion Notification at the Same Time Every Night

I have my cam set to turn on and detect motion at 10:30pm every night. I get a false notification every night at 10:32pm without fail. I have tried lowering the sensitivity and have shrunk the detection area, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t understand why it hits at the exact same time every night.

Is there a way to fix this short of just turning it off?

Thank you.

If the camera is booting up from an unpowered state (I.e. its plugged into a smart switch that turns on at 10:30) it may be due to the camera switching to night vision mode or the LEDs turning on after the camera has fully booted up.

Do you not get a clue when looking at the resulting event video? Can you post it here? Sometimes mine record a event when changing to night vision, or if a glitch occurs. You should see why in the resulting event video.

To help determine what’s tripping the motion, make sure motion tagging is on before you turn the camera off.

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