Motion events skyrocketing

I have been using Wyze cams for years and I know that these cams picking up shadows as motion events has been a complaint for a long time. I have like 13 cams of all types except the v1 and on a breezy sunny day like this one I am probably getting 20 motion events with 1 gust of wind. Is Wyze working on this or are we just stuck with it? I have some cams sensitivity set high because I want to see hummingbirds at the feeder, but the cams set on level 1 go off just as much as being set at 100.

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Same issue here.
Slight Sun light shade triggered alarm as Person detected.

My problem is the cool down period will left me with no alarm during the 5 min.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do about it. The cameras detect changes in pixels which change with shadows and other items moving in the wind. You can try to setup detection zones on the cameras to avoid those areas most prone to wind movement. You can reorient them, again to avoid the areas with movement that is causing the problem. Not much else. This is a problem with most cameras although some are worse than others.

As to the cool down period, the only solution would be a subscription to CamPlus.

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i figured this was STILL the general consensus, it has been this way for years and i have been hoping this shadow issue would get better resolved with time. ((sigh))