Motion detector turning on/off IFTTT Smart Wall Switch?

Looking to have motion sensor detector turning on an IFTTT Smart Wall Switch (not bulb) and turn off after a few minutes of no movement?

Has anyone done this? If so what model of switch and how much of a lag for the light to come on?

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Welcome @jwilson56 to the community.
I did that with IFTTT Platform, is not in the Android or iOS app, your have to access in your laptop or PC the link is: Plans - IFTTT and sign in with google or facebook, i found an article that might help you, I did it on my house with a smart switch and a wyze sensor, this is when you want to turn lights only at night, because in daylight you don´t need it, if you want help doing this all the time and not only at night, reply this comment and i will help you, that is easier.

Well I will probably have it do it all the time as this is for a basement room. I have my starter kit on order and have to select a WIFI smart switch (non dimmer) from Amazon. When I get the parts I will get back to you.


Yes of course, i’ll wait, ultil it get’s there you can dowload the IFTTT app, and tell me when they arrive! :grinning:

I would love for wyze to make same wall switches like but then with motion sensor and humidity sensor