Motion detector triggering Plus Cam notification

This looks like a bug. I had one Plus Cam 3 working and just setup the Home Monitor with motion detector. I set it to not send notifications and system is disarmed, yet any motion caused the motion detector to send a notice to smartphone. The clue this is a bug is that the Plus Cam, not added to Home Monitor, is set to send notice of persons detected only. The notice I get is that the Plus Cam detected a motion, but on viewing cam no person or motion detected. So the Home Monitor system’s motion detector is causing the Plus Cam to send a notification. The two systems are interconnected somehow.

Notifications come from whatever device detects motion and there is a setting for the device to control this. If it is the motion sensor, check the configuration settings for that device and turn notifications off, if you don’t want to receive them. HMS doesn’t send any notifications, it just triggers an alarm.

Thanks for quick reply. I may not have been clear.

Motion detector that came with HMS settings: Notify me when the sensor detects motion, OFF, is clear, OFF, and then Send Notifications OFF.

Any motion sends message to phone that the Plus Cam, set to not send notification of motion (only of a person), that a sensor alert was detected by the camera which detects no movement.

There may be an issue:

I’ve tried everything I can think of. Unplugging it to reset it seemed to help for short while, but I can’t tell for sure, as it is doing again. The Cam plus I’m paying for isn’t stopping what it is supposed to anymore. I might as well cancel it. This is why I pay monthly.
I am so tired of all the issues with this stuff! Don’t charge for additional features that don’t work.