Motion detector records and alerts every tree branch and leaf movement

I have two Wyze PT cameras. One set up looking through a front window to capture the front of the house & driveway, and the other through a door side glass panel to view the front porch. Neither one needs to move much one way or another. I would like to track human movement approaching the house or walking into the porch area. However, the cameras keep flipping to aim at and capture even small branches blowing gently in the breeze. As much as I love the trees and nature, it isn’t the reason I bought the cameras. Also, on one of the camera views in the app, the mode seems stuck on SD and I can’t toggle to HD. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

There is no motion detection going on here.

It is just pixel changes from frame to frame.

There is no fixing this, since, that is how these are made to work.
At best, you can set a detection zone to try and limit what the cam sees.

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If they don’t really need to move, you might want to just turn off motion tracking. Or you could set up Pan Scan with a single waypoint to always make the camera return to that single point.

This is why I prefer the fixed position cameras for this type of application.

For the SD/HD problem, I would try restarting the app on your phone and power cycling the camera. If that doesn’t do it, do a factory reset on the camera and set it up again (no need to delete it from the app first). You can find instructions via the Support link, top right.

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