Motion detection on startup

My Cam V1 immediately detects motion every time I activate it. Is there a way to correct this?

What does “activate it” mean? Turn it on? Power it up? Live stream from it? The v1 is the first gen camera, and I would hope not be fazed out, but the app is far beyond where the last firmware update to the v1 was (last v1 update was Jan 2020. Maybe there is starting to be a compatibility error.

My V2’s and V3’s do that on occasion.
I’ve set many of them up with rules to turn on, wait a few minutes, upload a short video, wait a few minutes and turn off. Often I’ll have a camera that turns on, sends a Motion event to the cloud, then a few minutes later sends an Automation event (my requested short video).
For some reason it does not ALWAYS happen.

By activate I meant open the app and turn the camera on. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. Is anyone else having this problem?