Motion detection notification restart

This is the behavior I would like to have - I want to enable motion detection on a PIR and have it send a notification on detection. But then have it go “offline” for 10min before resuming motion detection. Is that even possible. Motion detection is working for me but it is maybe to sensitive to short quiet periods before sending another notification for my purposes. Can anyone tell me how to pause the notifications for a short period of time?

It would take a look at #wishlist and perhaps add this. I don’t think it’s possible with current firmware but could certainly be added.

Thanks for the response, Can you explain what the triggers as detected motion for and has been clear for provide. They have a timer but they don’t seem to do what I expect. Logic would seem to dictate that if I set a trigger for HAS BEEN CLEAR FOR and set if for 10min then I should not see any notifications for motion until that time has passed.
Maybe I should state my desired goal, Plain notifications don’t wake me so I have an IFTTT recipe that calls my phone when the motion sensor detects motion which I activate at night. Unfortunately as soon as I respond to it 1 min later its ringing again so I was hoping to be able to set the motion detection to “sleep” for some period of time before notifying again. I can achieve this manually by deactivating the applet but then I have to go thru the steps to re-activate once things settle down. In the grog of the night it would be nice if it would just happen.

Unfortunately I don’t have a motion sensor any longer. It fell off the wall and was then savaged by my Deebot robo vac. But if I remember correctly the timer was so you could set a threshold for Has Been Open/Closed events. I imagine someone here that has a working sensor can confirm that.

That would be great - I want to be alerted when kids enter hallway but I would really prefer that once the alert fires that I not get another one for a time set thru the app. (use case - kid goes to bathroom - I go out to check event triggers - we come out an fires event again - I go back to my bed it fires again. if I could allow 10 or 15 min between event activation then my phone won’t go off so often possibly waking others and turning it into a party alert instead of a potty alert). Hopefully this should be configured on a sensor by sensor basis. The odd thing is the IFTTT rule seems to fire even when WYZE notifications are turned off in the app almost as if it has its own notification engine.