Motion detection not working on 1 of 2 pan cams

The other day I bought two Wayze Pan Cams to record activity at my bird feeders. I set up one of them and it works perfectly. The other one does not detect motion at all. I unplugged it, restarted it, deleted and re added it to the network and looked at all the settings and made sure it matched the other one. Nothing worked. They both have the same firmware (the newest update as of today). The only answers I have found have been about firmware, but the posts are all over a year old and are no longer applicable.

Is there something else I haven’t tried before I return it and get a new one?


I have same issue with the one I just got from Amazon and setup last night. Btw, I did actually tried it before I did the firmware update and it didn’t work. But then After updating to latest firmware, still no motion detection.