Motion Detection Issue

I own 4 Pan-cams. 2 used indoor, 2 in silicone sleeves mounted undercover and outdoors. They are watching over a cabin near Lake Tahoe.

All 4 have been great for the last year, except as described below. All 4 have 32GB Wyze brand SD cards and are set to “All Day” Event Recording and “Record events only” to the Local Storage. All 4 are also on the latest firmware - All 4 are set to “auto” switch between day mode and night mode.

Here is the issue: About 2 weeks ago, both outdoor cameras stopped detecting motion and recording video during daylight hours. No events get recorded from around 6:40 am till about 7:00pm - either the Events recorded to the cloud or the ones recorded to the local storage. From about 7:00pm till about 6:40am, they record just fine. It appears they record when in B&W mode at night and stop recording when they switch to color mode during the day. Live view is fine.

It’s totally possible my other two have this same problem, but I don’t know for sure as they don’t get any daytime motion unless I’m at the cabin, and I haven’t been there since the problem started.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried switching from “All Day” to limited hours event recording, and that made no difference. I’ve also remotely rebooted them. No joy.

Manually taking a daytime photo or video works fine - they record into the album and can be played back/viewed fine.