Motion detection and firewalls

Hey all,

So, after searching the forum I stumbled across an older post about why motion detection isn’t working. To my surprise, most people noted that if you had China blocked on your firewall, motion detection would not work. I humored myself and tried it only to realize that, yes this is in fact true. (Unless there was a firmware release last night). Personally I have nothing against China as a whole but a ton of - based on meraki security center - attacks come from there.

Am I missing something here? Are there public servers I can whitelist just for wyze?

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Not sure why, it may be the definition you use for China’s IP’s. I use the ones here:

By using those and blocking China, North Korea, Ukraine, and Russia my person Detection works just fine. Some of Amazons servers are physically located in China but most good IP lists allow for that.

Might be it. How it works in meraki (and when you are lazy) is you can just throw in china as a whole. It’s not super specific on the IP addresses it’s blocking. Again it isn’t a huge issue I am just wondering if there is a work around and/or a reason

I don’t know anything about your particular IP management solution. But if it works and your happy stay with it.