Motion-detected video, 5-10 minute long?

I’m ordering this product but have a question first:
This is for monitoring the traffic in our condo’s parking garage, after my car was damaged by a very old neighbor who is parking next to my car. No WiFi there (I will do the setup at home, in a WiFi environment), I’m not interested in the Cloud (reception is very poor there anyhow), since I will use a MicroSD card in the camera.
I need the video to start when motion is detected next to my car, and the video needs be around 5-10 minutes long. Can this be achieved with this camera?

Since I haven’t yet purchased this camera I’m not sure I know what’s “events” (I understand continuous)…

I recommend you check these articles out.

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OK, so from the (great, really, THANKS!!!) info above I can conclude that this camera will serve the purpose. I have an elderly guy parking his big car next to mine, and he already hit my car last week, when coming in or going out (as well as badly damaging another car, few months ago)… So I need evidence for the next time, if it happens, since at his age, things will probably only deteriorate…
I think I will set it up to “events” as long as the camera’s motion detector is sensitive enough to start recording when this guy is just approaching the area…
ALSO, I already purchased this Samsung 64GB MicroSD card, and it’s “Up to 100MB/s and 60MB/s read and write speeds respectively; Class 10 UHS 3” — MUST RETURN IT, REPLACE IT WITH A 32GB?
Thanks again!

Wyze officially only supports up to 32GB cards. However many people (including me) use larger cards just fine. Most of my 13 Wyze cameras have 64GB cards. Some people are using 128GB.

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I use 64gb card at 360p and it continuously records 9 days’ worth.