Motion detected, receive notification but event list requires "wake up"

If my new V2 detects motion, I (usually) receive notification, but if I go to Events the new events are missing. However, if I click on the previous date at the top and then click the current date, ta-da, all events that weren’t there before appear in the list. Why doesn’t this happen automatically without me using a trick to wake it up?

You can pull down on the screen to refresh it.
I don’t know why it’s not refreshing on it’s own.

I had tried that, but it looks like it requires more than the slight pull I gave it (or I didn’t reach high enough on the screen). Thanks. Works now.

In general, our devices need to be restarted to clean up memory, cache and buffers. Just like our personal computers. I find that when certain apps, even Chrome, is not properly refreshing that I need to just restart my cell phone.