Motion Capture Missing despite notification

So it seems the Person Detection is fixed. But the past few days also noticing another issue. I use mostly my android phone and do have an ipad I view at times as well. Motion will be detected with notification emblem on phone. If I open the detection from there I can view it. But then I have noticed it is missing from Events. This has happened quite a bit in the past few days but just didn’t realize the detection didn’t transfer to events but was lost after viewing from my notification bar. Both these screen shots were at 4:24pm and you can see on the phone screen shot the missing Back Patio videos. I restarted my phone but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

Think I found an issue. I actually just had another motion detection (non person) and same thing happened on both devices, one showed recording in events and one did not. I did find just now on my android that if I turn OFF the green Person title icon above, all the videos that were missing appear. But this is not consistent with my ipad where the Person Icon is ON as that is how it should work. There is an issue between android and ios it seems.

Same issue here on my android phone.
I also had to turn off the green Person and Motion filters to see all the events. I would think they should work the other way around.

I have iOS and by default the event filters are unchecked or not green.

This is how I am able to view both person and motion on my android. One off and one on. It wasn’t like that prior to the person detection issues, at least for me everything was green to view all. My ipad on the other hand is all are green to view. Seeing what yours is showing there definitely are some consistency issues.