Motion Algorithm to Ignore Blowing Leaves/Shadows/Bugs/Snow/Rain/Headlights

I have several cameras (2 Pan Cams, 4 V2’s, 1 V3 and 2Outdoor cams) and the backyard cams all seem to be picking up headlight light from a moving car in the front of my house which is shining on trees in the back as motion (and I can see why) - it would be helpful to figure out how to reduce this false positive,

Thanks for all you do!

They did. It’s called CamPlus. /s

I have CamPlus. I blocked out areas of the trees and bushes but those areas are still getting picked up so I trimmed the bushed that were causing the issue but I won’t be able to trim the branches on the trees. One would think that areas I’ve blocked out wouldn’t show green movement boxes in these areas but they do.

The /s stands for sarcasm …

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LOL! Never knew that. Thanks

Same problem with passing cars’ headlamps. Also have CamPlus set to detect people. Constant triggering of camera with passing cars at night (or on rainy days, when there is significant reflection).
Any ideas to reduce false triggering?

On Camera motion detection set at on 3 for sensitivity and it still alerts on just one snowflake moving across the area less than 1 second . This is unacceptable . Sensitivity should adjust the amount of time the object is in frame and how large the object is ,

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It would be n ice to not get notifications unless motion was detected in the detection zone if enabled.

They posted a poll about this in the facebook beta group recently, wonder if that means they will attempt to solve this

I am getting way too many tree branch, shadow, light on light off alerts…making motion detection kinda useless since you are given literally whole day worth of recordings to review… Blue Iris’s motion detection works so much better… I thought Wyze’s AI would make it so you can get people alert at high sensitive without getting tree branch or blinking street light alerts.

Wyze should release RTSP for cam V3… while their AI is being improved. I was expecting to go though fewer alerts with Cam Plus… but kinda end up spending more time reviewing nothing-clips…


Agree, the ai isn’t all that intelligent. I don’t use cam plus because we have really no uninvited persons being a fully gated community, even the sidewalks are gated. So it’s only a rare neighbor or delivery person coming by, which is the only reason I put the cam looking out at entry - for the convenience to see if a package arrived. The majority of events are the shadows during the day and a couple of neighbors car lights at night. Oh, ya, we still get the Wyze cam switching from day mode to night mode triggering events. The last thing I need is to pay to see extra long videos of the car lights pulling in across the way or shadows swaying all day long on the walkway out front.

What I think is funny is that Wyze used to allow me to select areas of a zone which allowed me to block out areas where the tree branches were, which gave nice fidelity. Of course, that feature never worked and so it would still trigger movement in those blocked out areas. This is why I guess they got rid of it for the more limiting cropping box.
I love the price of the Wyze but with all of the error 6’s and 7’s I get pretty regularly, the inability to configure the thing to rule out events, and the sluggishness when it comes to connecting to them (even when the wireless router is about 15 feet away, at some point I suspect I’ll just purchase higher end cameras and put these in places where security really isn’t a major concern.

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I think this should be a HIGH priority for Wyze. Why? Imagine the amount of “drive space” your would save on your CamPlus Subscription. Ever since subscribing to that the number of motion videos recorded skyrocketed to what seems like hundreds of daily videos of shadows of the trees moving.

While the vehicle, person detection stuff works really well, I would like to see all the critters that pass along my house (which is almost a nightly occurrence) but going through all the videos through the less than friendly App, is very time consuming.


spiders, too

Wyze cam v3 would actually be a great product if it was marketed correctly, I know it is pixel based detection but I dont know who made the decision to make this equivalent to “motion.” Leaves, I understand but shadow and lighting changes are not “motion.” If you’re going to complete with other security cameras or market your product as such, at least have an algorithm that would understand these type of changes. Especially for a product that is marketed to be used outdoor. Having an alert for car headlights and shadows from cloud, every minute, defeat its purpose and renders the product useless. It shows no thought in the product and seem like products are release for the sake of releasing a new product. Individuals no longer care or view the notification when it happens every minute, leaving important events missed. The price point is great but that’s just it, it lacks the capabilities to make the camera what it is marketed to be. Definitely not “smart” or can be used as a “security” cam. It is a fun toy and goes well with the wyze car…it that product a hint at the usefulness or what this camera is in fact intended for?

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Yep, I feel the same way. It’s an inexpensive camera system that allows some ability to survey your house while you’re away but it’s not a dependable product. If we get any kind of wind, it’s constantly picking that up and as soon as the outdoor lights kick on/off, another event happens. Then there are the times when features just stop working. Several times the speaker just won’t function and rebooting the camera isn’t enough. I have to go and unplug it. I’ve also had the camera not be able to read from the SD Card, which required me to climb a ladder, take the card out, reinsert the card, do the a little dance to appease the technogods, and then it would work.
This is a temporary solution but at some point, I’ll probably upgrade to a video system that is designed for this role.

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Just when you think you have what you desire a person in a guille suit gets to you and wyze didn’t detect it. I may play too many mmo’s, but yea.

Cam V3 reporting lighting change, including shadow movements events

Please work on improving the AI of this cam so as not to trigger the motion detection event for lighting changes including shadow movements. This is a big failure for Wyze and I am considering changing all my 4 cameras to Ring since their AI is able to differentiate between actual motion events and shadow/lighting changes.


Motion Sensing Ignore Waving Branches

My V2 is aimed out my front window and depending on the wind direction, gets dozens of false detections from the moving shrubs / branches, even it seems when the pixels are blanked out in Detection Zone settings. An algorithm that detects repetitive motion in the same pixel set and disables it should be easy.

Ignore plant sway

Not sure how hard it would be but it would be great if the camera picked up something moving across or within the field of view, rather than a plant setting in the breeze causing an event which is something we do not really need to get events over.