Motion Algorithm to Ignore Blowing Leaves/Shadows/Bugs/Snow/Rain/Headlights

Here’s the #wishlist topic related to this:


Just popping by to add a couple of notes! :slight_smile:

Motion and sound events both have the 5 minute cooldown but they are independent of each other.

Yes, the motion sensor uses PIR and cannot “recognize” people like the camera.

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Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn,
…But why can’t the camera just record to the SD and then once a sound or motion is detected it would flag the footage creating a timecode to playback the clip 10 sec before the event and 50 second after the event so the user could later watch a minute “event-flagged” clip?


There’s a #wishlist topic for that. You can vote for and/or comment on it here:

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We are working on a way to jump from event videos to specific areas of the local recording. :slight_smile:


Yep :wink: that was the first thing I did before even addina a reply.

The “tagging” of the continuous video should be relatively simple because the footage timecode can be used to let users to jump from one event to another. Footage can even be marked with a different color from the non-event recorded footage and could get different colors for Person, Other Motion, Sound… that way users would have a view at glance and can identify which “color” ie events they’d like to jump to. The Playback UI could let users also hide specific events to show only event for Person, or Motion, or Sound or a combination of any of them (using checkboxes perhaps?)

Hi again @WyzeGwendolyn,

Talking about the PIR motion sensor, I have one that seats at the bottom of a roof overhang on a beam at 45 degrees (more or less). The location of the PIR at the beginning of a partially covered hallway by the entrance door. The hallway is some 20 feet long so I thought that by the time that a person/object passes under the PIR sensor the notification should come through… unfortunately the PIR seems to be quite unreliable since even with myself standing and waving underneath it would not trigger (shows no red light blink when motion is detected). While other times it does while I am not even under it but several feet away and due to its angled position shouldn’t even “see” me. I wish I could show what I am experiencing since describing it with words without seeing the setup doesn’t feel like it’d come across clearly.

BTW the PIR is paired to the camera by the entrance door. The camera has been placed with double tape on the front and attached to one of the semi-circular sections of the glass at the top of the door (incidentally it’s a double glass).

Since the camera faces the street it detects cars passing by all the time… and because the detection zone only allows a single rectangle not a multi point and multi zone selection, it becomes almost useless for the needed purpose which was to use it as a door bell notification where the PIR would trigger the notification and which would have created a small recording so to alert that most likely there’s a person at the door). Even with a small delay it should’ve worked because from the PIR detection to the door the person would have to go 20 feet through the hallway… Sadly the setup does not seem to work as it should because of the PIR isn’t detecting the motion when it should.

And even wanting to use the camera alone there are 2 problems… one already mentioned with the lack of flexibility with the detection zones, the other is that IR LEDs used in the camera are not able to go through and illuminate the hallway at night as they get reflected off the glass making it impossible to use Wyzecams at night if placed indoor and behind a glass… of course I’m doing that to keep the cam indoor and because there’s still no outdoor cam yet :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long winded post… a 1 min. video probably could’ve explained it better than all the words above :stuck_out_tongue:

And snow/sleet/rain…

Hey, sorry for my delay! Thank you for your context with this post.

As a quick check, did you vote for the “greater control over detection zone” topic? And are you in a position where you could use an IR blaster outside of the window?

IR blaster would be horrible. A snowflake even falling in front of the EXISTING IR emitter on a dark night lights up like a flare falling from the sky in front of the camera! :open_mouth:

Don’t just flag pixel changes due to lighting as motion. Moving objects should track across the view.

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Any cam that is outside gets triggered by bugs all night long and leave me with a ton of events that are useless. I would think length of time in frame with motion, color under IR lighting, steady direction of travel should be able to to make it easy to identify bugs flying in front of the camera and not capture them as an event.

Would be nice if these non-events could be ignored, unless an event recording was already started prior to the transition.

I just sent a support ticket on this subject asking if there is some setting I turned on or can change. In the past it was because I had Night Vision IR lights turned on. It may be a coincidence but ever since I installed CamPlus I have noticed more bugs events.

I actually don’t have that much experience without CamPlus. What I was trying to describe is that when the transition to or from night vision occurs, it’s like a big flash of light that is considered “motion” over the whole image. Since the camera knows it is turning the LEDs on or off, it should know it is causing its own false motion and ignore it.

I do also get a lot of unusable events from bugs that do appear to be attracted to the IR LEDs. I also see a similar problem during the day with yellow jackets that seem to think the lens is a black “hole” they need to explore.

I have seen a request for being able to set the amount of time that motion must occur before being recorded as an event. That would give us the ability to tune out a lot undesired events ourselves.

Now that you mention it I also get that big flash event occasionally too and you are right it seems to be when it is transitioning to and from night time. My events for those are are almost all white when it captures and a clicking sound.

That didn’t start happening for me until Camplus subscription along with the events for bugs that fly by the camera… I may try removing the Camplus for a few days to see if I get the same results.

I continue sending Wyze the videos under “Is this video useful?” by saying no and selecting Submit so they can see how camera is capturing and maybe be able to offer a fix.

I have been sending a few samples also. I like that they added the yes/no choice on the usefulness, but wish they would add a text field so we could tell them why.

Let me add my voice to plead for some method of differentiating people & animals from trees and shadows/sunlight. Our property has a lot of foliage, so it’s not realistic for us to trim away any and all branches from the cam’s field of view, nor are we able to blot out the sun. I understand from reading the replies that this may be challenging, but I’d definitely pay more per month in order to not receive 45 notifications an hour that is a breeze tickling the shrubbery,

Trees and bushes are 95 percent of my notifications. I need cars and people, please. So far, no tree has tried to break into my house!


Same issue here as well. Even when I block out the areas that trigger the movement it still triggers it. In fact, I have video that gets triggered but shows not green boxes around the areas that triggered the movement.