Motion Algorithm to Ignore Blowing Leaves/Shadows/Bugs/Snow/Rain/Headlights

interesting, lots of.people want to ignore light condition change :smile:


Well, the issue isn’t really light, it is the pixel comparison at fault, so, in the grand scheme of things, once vector processing is done in the scene to detect actual motion, then the light/shadow issue becomes moot. :grin:

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Yep, I get LOTS of alerts from shadows from clouds and the flag in my front year.

Why? I wanted a Wyze cam and didn’t want to pay for an expensive outdoor cam or wait longer to start getting the benefits of a security camera. It works great as an outdoor cam, motion detection, notification & sound, free storage, etc. Why not? Only challenge has been that it pickups motion of bugs flying, but not a big issue…

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unrealnighthawk, I have the same problem. I also live on a corner, but the headlights from passing vehicles frequently light up my yard sending “motion” alerts. Like every 5 minutes. Turning off alerts when the prowlers come out, isn’t much of a solution. There has to be a better way. I could live with motion/alert profiles that are active based on the camera day/night mode or even scheduled. It isn’t as good as figuring out light isn’t motion, but would allow me to tune out many of the false alarms.


I vote for the motion delay option as well, If there was an option to filter out motions from 1 - 5 seconds this would make the camera much more usable. I too live on a corner and am trying to use these cameras for an outdoor setup but in the current state its useless. Headlights trigger motion every 5 mins. Trying to find something real on the continuous recording log would be a nightmare.

If I could filter out anything under 1-5 seconds I would buy at least 4 more cameras.


Could it allow a user to select a pixel change to ignore. Select a color?

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Nope, AFAIK, that isn’t possible.

That wouldn’t work reliably anyway, since there are 256 shades of a color, so trying to filter it by 1 color is a drop in the bucket.

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Spent some time looking at the Latest Captured on Wyze thread. Not really surprised at the number of posts from cameras pointing or setup outside. It would be an interesting stat on installs to know, inside vs. outside.

@ShadowCam Well, the issue isn’t really light, it is the pixel comparison at fault, so, in the grand scheme of things, once vector processing is done in the scene to detect actual motion, then the light/shadow issue becomes moot. :grin:

Is it a fault or a feature? I like the light detection. :wink:

agree would like this addressed as it is the main thing that gives me false alerts during daytime. my wyze is inside looking out window

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no, they want to ignore changing sunlight levels, during DAYLIGHT, but never when a motion-light turns on after sunset… that’s a VERY nice feature of the cameras. when my motion-lights turn on, my cameras instantly alert me.

In fact, because I’m using these BRIGHT automatic lights… I don’t need the silly night-vision of these cameras that are pointed at outside locations. works FAR better than IR. and no problems with reflections either.

Absolutely this. I use CamSource on iOS/MacOS and it allows me to define a grid (e.g. 2x2, 10x10, 25x25, etc.) and toggle on/off any squares I like. That would be a simple way to avoid areas where things are fairly consistent.


I’ll add a scenario for the enhanced motion algorithm. I am getting alerts from the exhaust of my furnace out the back of the house (winter in Chicago). Unfortunately, it drifts around on the image similar to leaves in a random pattern. That said, typically the motion pattern is up-can’t think of too many upward survalence motions that I wouldn’t mind ignoring. :wink:

I call this body detection, which is a dumb version of person detection (which identifies people’s actual faces, etc) and is actually available on some Yi Cameras (I think Yi Camera 2?) I have it and it works. I used to have the Yi camera placed inside my home aimed at my porch, which has some plants in the front and with person detection enabled, the motion detection only triggered when it’s a person that walks into my porch or along the road out by my driveway. Heavy blowing and swaying plants could still trigger it, but it cut down false alerts by about 80%. It’d be a great feature to have.

Voted. The tree shadows alert me too often, even with sensitivity very low.

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Also voted -wind, bugs and light&shadow flicker are the major causes of my false alarms. Come to think of it, I guess I should be glad they are false…
This and the time delay would be great!

Here’s a related #roadmap topic you may want to vote for:

Thanks. I already saw it and voted in favor. Bugs and car lights as they turn around at the end of our street are a constant source of aggravation!

I have these mounted outside as well, and I propose a time setting with the motion detection. If the object zips by within 1 second, then ignore, otherwise alert.