Motion/Alerts/Rules for the CamV3

So… got my cameras up, motion alerts are super annoying because, well, the wind blows.

If I turn off motion detection and leave smart/person detection enabled, they detect nothing at all.
So, it appears I have to have motion detection on to detect people, pets, cars, etc.

Enter a windy day, trees moving all the time. Create a rule that says from sun up to sun down, disable notifications. Notifications still come constantly. Modify the rule to disable motion detection as well. Notifications still come constantly.

Do rules even work? Maybe it takes a few hours for rules to take effect?

If you are already in the period covered by the rule, it won’t take affect until the next day.


That’s exactly what I did, Didn’t know it wouldn’t take effect until tomorrow.

Thank you.

You don’t have to be notified of all motion events. Even though it does record them all (it has to if you want to record the Smart AI Events), you can just be notified of those events tagged with the AI you have designated in the Smart Detection settings.

I have all my cams set to only notify me of the AI events. I have also filtered out all of the non-AI events in the Events tab. I have no need to see all of them.

My cams have notifications on 24\7 and I don’t receive any general motion only event notifications, just AI Event Notifications.