Motion alert with two skipped seconds, no apparent motion

I just got a motion alert with two skipped seconds at the beginning of the minute. There was apparently no motion because in this area, because there are floodlights there with a motion sensor and they weren’t lit up after the skipped seconds (they stay on for a minute or more)

Unfortunately, I am dealing with a stalker who has gotten into my devices before and I am concerned that he may have somehow cut footage from the cloud from another time and spliced it onto my playback so that that’s what I saw instead. I changed my Wyze password the very night before this happened and changed my phone password just a couple weeks ago (uppers, lowers, SC and numbers) I am still worried.


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I don’t think what you’re suggesting about editing a cloud video is possible. However, have you enabled 2-factor authentication? If enabled, even if someone got your password somehow, you would get a notification text on your phone of an attempted login to your account along with an authorization code.


Floodlight’s motion sensor mechanism works differently than a Wyze camera’s.

A floodlight’s sensor is PIR-based. It tracks heat sources. The camera’s is based on pixel changes or minute changes in the image, which might not be apparent to the naked eye.

There are things a PIR sensor won’t detect that a pixel-based sensor would, a sweeping headlight, for example.

Have you called the police? Have you filed for a restraining order?