More WYZE Lock Frustrations

I’d like to see the Auto Lock feature function like it should have when I bought the lock 2 years ago. If it has never functioned correctly (check your own boards, YouTube and Google). This isn’t isolated if it’s common knowledge it doesn’t function, right? But I’m sure the WYZEguys in here already know that. How do you (legally, forget about morally) promote it as a feature of your product if it is not functional?

I’ve come back to WYZE every so often to check out if they have done so, struggles with customer support, all to find out they still haven’t. If it was a watch, camera, vacuum or monitoring service I’m sure this would have been addressed. (At least I would HOPE it would, that seems to be where WYZE is concentrating its effort, this product hasn’t changed in any measurable way since I bought it (including the software).

So… that’s my Wishlist. Make the WYZE Lock function in more than a 70% way. Don’t introduce any more new products until you do. Or, dump the old lock for an up-to-date unit with biometrics! (Wait. Forget that. Just make my lock work right. I don’t want to make this a pipe dream.) Seriously, if you cannot get the insipid geofencing to work right, competitors have “shake the phone” functions, you could just incorporate it into a software upgrade! This is feasible stuff, people! Why are you just letting the WYZE Lock twist in the wind? And develop something of a “reputation”?

Show some WYZE Lock love! Fix it! Finally!

Thinking about it, it really that bright having a deadbolt that has such a reputation protecting the main door of my home, eh? Hmmm…