More Wyze Floodlight False Advertising

What intelligence makes it different from a Wyze bulb?

I think it contains the Bluetooth module, for one. Good news is failures may be very infrequent.

So when it the picture going to be fixed? It’s been a month and the incorrect picture is still there.

Now it’s been two months you guys are still showing the incorrect Floodlight picture.

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@Resist Its February 2023 and it’s still not fixed! Glad I stumbled upon this post. I had 3 floodlights in my cart! I’m not getting them now.

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Actually the picture is fixed.

Just when you think Wyze fixed that falsely advertised picture, they sent me an email that the Floodlight is now being sold at Home Depot with the picture showing the false advertising picture. Come on Wyze, WTH?!