More Siren functions / adjustments?

The stand-alone siren sound could use some additional settings .

Volume adjustment
Different sounds / whistle / chirp / voice recordings .

This is mainly to get people to look at the sound. As they then realize they are being filmed and will hopefully carry on and not cause mischief . As of right now with the only function being a loud siren that does make you look, it is also quite obnoxious. Which I understand the reason but some variability would be nice in cases like mine I want them to stay away from my car, and my neighbours or house mates not being annoyed by a siren going off from them walking by.

Hope it happens ! Thanks.

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Maybe a short chirp as a warning instead. I read someone say Vivint did this. Though preferably with some kind of cooldown period…I’d hate for it to chirp at me every 30 seconds or constantly just because I’m talking to someone on my porch or in my front yard. Maybe at least 5 minutes.

I did not see a wishlist request for a chirp or other sounds for the V3 with a quick search. It could be good to submit this suggestion in the #wishlist for people to vote on to show support. The VP of Product recently said that Wyze does review the Wishlist regularly.


There is something like this as an existing wish list item. Sounds fairly similar.


Thanks! I missed that one. That wishlist would fit the need being discussed here.

@rientsma you should go vote on that wishlist item and maybe add a comment about your example of how it would be helpful. I just added my vote for it too.