Monitoring system still crapping out

I received an email saying the home monitoring issue was resolved but Noooooo. It’s not working still. This is amateur like.

My hub & sensors were also still offline after the email came out.

I rebooted my router, and all is fine now. I also took the opportunity to change my router’s Internet TCP/IP address, so if a reboot doesn’t work, try adding that (I should have tried one thing at a time, lol).

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My HMS is working as expected. You may have to wait a bit or Clear your Cache via the App, Shut the App Down, and then start it again.

I’ll try that. Thanks

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try it. I hope I don’t have to reload all the door sensors etc.

I didn’t. :slight_smile:

Did not work. Still no Home Security. I think they need to dump Amazon.