Modified outlet

I want to use an outlet as a smartswitch. My basement has pull chain lights. Can the outlet be wired in line at a junction box? This way I do not have to run more wiring for a switch. Just make the light voice controlled. Ultimately take the outlet apart to eliminate needing to wire a plug into the mix. Opinions comments and concerns please. I do have general electrical knowledge.

Is it possible? Likely yes.
Is it a good thing to do? Maybe.
You would likely need a fairly good electronics tech knowledge level and capabilities.

Is the light “downstream” of the outlet? Is anything else further “downstream” of the light? If the answers are “yes” and “no” respectively, you should be able to do what you want. If you don’t know (or know how to determine the answers) this likely isn’t something you should attempt.

While Wyze doesn’t make one, there are smart devices that are meant to be wired inline, even some small enough to be tucked into an existing outlet box (if it isn’t too stuffed with wiring).

Why not just buy an outlet plug?

I think what the original poster is talking about is permanent wired in lights - not plugged in.

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I’ve been looking without much luck. And the other answer is yes and no.

Is there sufficient room in the outlet box to tuck one of these?:

The dimensions are 1.67 x 1.67 x 0.78in.

If not, would it be viable to sacrifice the outlet and just put a blank cover on the box? Of course, if you were willing to go that route, just replacing it with a smart switch would be an option (even if it would look weird to have a switch down near the floor where I expect the outlet is).

Here is a different one with a higher load rating:

Oh ok. I was confused. When I think of outlet, I think of the ‘shocked face’ you plug stuff into. Lol

With all your help I think I have some more ideas. Thanks to all. I also learned some terminology that is helping with the research.

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