Modes changing by itself…

I’ve noticed for a few days now that whenever I set my thermostat to away , the action doesn’t stick and it ends up changing to sleep mode by itself?

I have a schedule but it’s only supposed to set the thermostat to sleep mode at 11:30 pm every night , but during the day when I set it to away for some reason it’ll change to sleep anyway

Also I’ve noticed that if it’s in away mode and you walk up to it and the display turns on , it’ll automatically change to sleep mode.

It’s running 1.2.5

Anyone experiencing this or is it just my device and app…?


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Not sure why it would change to sleep mode outside of that schedule, but I have learned that at some point Wyze re-enabled the Motion Sensor Mode Switching function. :rage:

I am still on the stable 1.2.1, but if my thermostat is in Away mode and it senses motion, it automatically switches to Home.

Yes it looks that way , I’ve noticed it for a few months now.

Before when it would detect motion it would switch to home mode but now it’s switching to sleep mode ? Even when I put it to away through the app, I set it to away , wait a few seconds for the action to stick and then back out of the app . Then I check it again and it’s been changed to sleep mode , sometimes I have walked past the thermostat so it detects motion and may switch the modes but not sure why it’s changing to sleep now … really weird behavior